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Finding Resources at the DTL: Home

Finding Resources in the DTL
          The DTL is a powerful, comprehensive collection of primary and secondary resources for religious studies. We want to supply all of your resource needs. The DTL has over 45,000 ebooks, 150 databases, over 40,000 individual peer-reviewed journals and over 38,000,000 articles in its collections.
          If you need a resource (and it is available digitally), the DTL probably can provide access to the item (particularly in religious studies). The instructions below will almost certainly enable you discover and retrieve the content that you need, but if you cannot find what you need, please contact your institution’s library to inquire further.

Finding eBooks
          To find books, use the main search box or the advanced search engine.
          View a 4 minute tutorial to introduce this tool.

Finding Journal Articles on a Given Topic
          For a quick and easy search of journal content, you can use the main search box or the advanced search engine. However, for a more detailed and comprehensive search, please look through the a-z list of databases (5 min. tutorial on using the a-z list). The brief database descriptions on this list will help you to decide which databases are most likely to help you find the specific information that you are seeking. When you find a database of interest, simply click on the link and use the search engine within that database to discover the content you need.
          Please note: Searching individual databases will return a far greater number of articles on your specific area of interest than using the main search box alone.
          Most—but not all—major journals in religious studies are well indexed in these three key databases:
JSTOR Religion Collections 1-3 (ebooks); Religion & Theology Collection (journals)
Project MUSE Philosophy and Religion
ProQuest Religion
           A comprehensive search for all available articles requires searching several databases (see the a-z list). You may also want to use the bibliographical assistance available in the DTL (see below).

Finding Help in Specific Disciplines
You can click on any of these links to find help with the following specialties:
·  Comparative Theology and Philosophy   ·  Biblical Studies               ·  Exegetical Papers         
·  Feminism, Gender Studies & Religion      ·  Islamic Studies               ·  South Asian Religions

Building a Bibliography
The DTL’s a-z list also offers help for bibliographic creation. Two databases, Oxford Bibliographies and Religious and Theological Abstracts, will be very useful. These two databases do not provide access to the books and articles, but they will help patrons to build a bibliography which can be retrieved using the strategies below.

Religious and Theological Abstracts (all area of religious studies)
Oxford Bibliographies Online - Biblical Studies
Oxford Bibliographies Online - Buddhism
Oxford Bibliographies Online - Classics  
Oxford Bibliographies Online - Hinduism
Oxford Bibliographies Online - Islamic Studies
Oxford Bibliographies Online - Jewish Studies
Oxford Bibliographies Online - Medieval Studies  
Oxford Bibliographies Online - Philosophy  
Oxford Bibliographies Online - Renaissance and Reformation  
Biblical Bibliography of Lausanne - BiBIL
BILDI (Documentation for Biblical Literature Innsbruck)

 Finding a Particular Article with a Known Title and/or Author
If you already know the bibliographical information for an article, you can find the article, using one of these approaches:
(1) Search for the author or article title in the main search box or the advanced search engine. Many articles will appear using this method and the system will provide a direct link to the article. However, if you do not find what you are looking for, try step 2.
(2) Search for the journal title in the main search box ( or the advanced search engine. This approach will lead to the journal’s home page, where you can retrieve the article from the journal’s website. If you do not find what you are looking for, try step 3.
(3) Go to the a-z list of databases and search in the database(s) which are most likely to contain the article you desire.  If you do not find what you are looking for, contact your librarian for assistance.
       Nearly every article in religious studies that is available digitally is available in the DTL. Some articles are easier to find than others (ease of discovery is a function of the indexing which the journal provides to our system). Use of the three search strategies above will provide access to nearly every religious studies article that is digitally retrievable.