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Exegetical Papers: Exegetical Papers

Exegetical Papers: Welcome

This guide is intended to introduce graduate level students in religion to the important practice of biblical exegesis. It will also help students in their research by providing important reference works that will greatly enhance their understanding of the practice of biblical interpretation and the various methodologies used.

Although many professors will often have specific requirements in their exegetical assignments, there will also be many aspects of the assignments that will be determined by the student. This guide hopes to provide the proper resources so that students will be able to adequately fulfill the requirements of the essay and in turn greatly enhance their own research skills. 

Online Databases

To better enhance their academic exegetical papers students will have to interact with existing scholarship. The library has access to many online databases that contain thousands of documents. These are invaluable tools that will greatly enhance research, both academic and liturgical. This is not an exhaustive list, which can be found here.

How to Write Like an Academic

Writing, one of the most valuable skill of an academic, is also one of the most overlooked. Although most people have been writing since a very young age, academic writing is much different than casual writing.  These are some basic books that teach how to write academic papers with a theological emphasis. 

Books on Exegesis

Exegesis is one of the most fundamental skills of a biblical scholar. Learning the various methods of interpreting the Hebrew Bible and New Testament will not only help with course work, but will greatly enhance one's ability to better understand how other authors are interpreting these works, and in turn greatly benefit one's research skills. 

This short list of books will offer excellent introductions into exegesis, but it should be remembered that some professors are looking for specific information in their exegesis assignment; thus it is very important to refer to your syllabus when writings an exegesis paper.

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