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"The Fundamental Wesleyan Society was organized in 1979. The founding resolution stated there had been a serious deviation from the scriptural teaching developed by John Wesley and early Methodist writers which had led to a shallow preaching of the new birth. As a result confusion had developed concerning Christian experience which led many to profess salvation without victory over the power of sin nor a direct witness of the Holy Spirit; and others to profess entire sanctification without being made perfect in love.

This group of concerned Christian ministers, many who had been influenced by A. J. Smith, saw the need for a fellowship that would teach and promote scriptural holiness as taught by John Wesley. Their statement of faith declares the inerrancy of Scripture, total depravity, the necessity of the new birth through the baptism with the Holy Spirit whereby the believer is delivered from the guilt and power of sin, that faith is a gift of God given to all who truly repent and is always accompanied by the witness of the Spirit, that there is yet in the believer the "remains of sin" even after he has been born of the Spirit and that he may be cleansed by the perfecting work of the Spirit.

The society has published The Arminian Magazine since its inception and has concentrated on extending their influence through printing."