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This guide is designed to assist graduate level students in their coursework and research centered around biblical studies (i.e. both Hebrew Bible and New Testament studies). The library offers patrons a plethora of resources, however patrons are often unaware of the many tools of the library that will greatly enhance their research. 

Online Databases

The library has access to many online databases that contain thousands of documents. These are invaluable tools that will greatly enhance research, both academic and liturgical. This is not an exhaustive list, which can be found here.

Leading Academic Journals

Journal articles are the lifeblood of living scholarship.  The library has access to many journals that provide the cutting-edge scholarship in biblical studies. This is an inexhaustive list of many of the key journals with which all biblical scholars should be familiar.

If a journal is not found on this list it can be found by searching for its name using the DTL's search box above

It must be remembered, however, that many journal publishers don't allow online access to the most recent issues but through the Interlibrary Loan service, the library can get access to almost anything. 

Commentaries and Reference Works

Reference Works and commentaries on specific books are important in biblical research because they are often viewed as authoritative voices. Most often they are written by established senior scholars who are considered the expert in that field. It is important to remember, however, that each commentary series often has a unique perspective or emphasis when choosing scholars to write on a certain book. This short list will discuss what sets some of the major commentary series and most widely used reference works apart from the rest.

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