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This guide is intended to help students find online access to scholarly commentaries on every book of the New Testament. These guides will vary in academic "rigor" ranging from purely academic to pastoral in nature. The idea is to give students a broad range so that they can choose what best suits their needs for a given situation; whether it be for an academic exegesis paper or to help write a sermon.

Please remember that these are not all the commentaries available; these are just suggestions. Unfortunately not all publishers have made all of their works available digitally (most notably the Anchor Bible Commentary Series). There might also be excellent commentaries that are not on these lists; to find out everything that the DTL has on a certain book use the search above to find books in the catalog.

General Commentaries

These books, as the title suggests, are more general in focus, in that they are usually a single volume with chapters for each of the books of the New Testament. Because of this, they are more introductory in nature but are still useful. 

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