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The term Pentateuch refers to the first 5 books of the Hebrew Bible (Genesis, Exodus, Leviticus, Numbers). Tradition states that Moses was the original author of these books but biblical scholarship has put this claim into question. The most notable argument being the Documentary Hypothesis (J, E, D, P) made famous by Julius Wellhausen in the late 19th century; however there has been growing tension concerning the validity of the Documentary Hypothesis, most notably the strand known as J. This short LibGuide will provide students with scholarship that touches on this important question that still pervades within Hebrew Bible scholarship, "Who wrote these books?" as well as introductory works on the five books.

This LibGuide will not include commentaries on these books. HERE is a link to the Hebrew Bible Commentaries LibGuide that provides links to many of the digital commentaries available in the DTL. 

As with all LibGuides these are just some of the many resources made available through the DTL. To access more please use the search bar above. 


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