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Historical Jesus: Historical Jesus

Historical Jesus: Introduction

The study of the historical Jesus has intrigued scholars since the beginnings of biblical studies as a discipline; some argue that the gospels themselves can be seen through the eyes of early Jesus followers as a way to discover the Jesus of history. This study is often referred to within the discipline as the "quest" for the historical Jesus and most scholars would argue that we are in the 3rd (though some also argue we are in the 4th) quest for the historical Jesus.

Schweizer's book The Quest for the Historical Jesus (see below) is often cited as the best starting point in order to understand the roots; however, it must be remembered that his work is a century old and the methodology has changed. Moreover, since the discovery of Dead Sea Scrolls scholars have used them as a lens through which they are able to interpret the life of Jesus. 

The reference works offer invaluable resources as well as the books listed below. It should be noted, however, that these are just some of the many resources available through the DTL and patrons should use the search bar above to find further resources.

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