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Provides resources for Postcolonialism in general and as a method of biblical studies in specific.

Welcome: Postcolonial Studies

After the decline of the European empires throughout the world, the voices of the inhabitants of their former colonies began to be amplified. This slow rise of influence grew exponentially after the release of Edward Said's landmark study Orientalism in 1978 (see below). Currently, academia has seen an influx in branches of studies that are heavily influenced by postcolonial theory, which is why it is imperative to have a general knowledge of the methodology and its major thinkers. 

The LibGuide focuses on postcolonial studies in general but at the same time offers resources that emphasize Religious Studies. Below can be found important reference works, journals, and works from important postcolonial theorists as well as important works that emphasize postcolonial Religious Studies. 

As always, these are just some of the many resources available. Please use the catalog to further your research. 

Reference Works & Journals

Works of Key Postcolonial Theorists

Postcolonial Religious Studies

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